On the Roads


Blood and surgical gloves remain in the street after a woman was rushed to hospital following a minibus crash at a Kennedy Town blackspot

Blood and surgical gloves remain on the street after a minibus mowed down a pedestrian at a Kennedy Town accident blackspot this afternoon (photo: Cherry Wong Kin-ching)

Police arrested a 73-year-old minibus driver this afternoon after his minibus knocked down a woman on a busy Kennedy Town street.

66-year-old Ms Chan was crossing Davis Road at around 2.45pm when the minibus, the 58 to Aberdeen, swung in from Forbes Street and struck her. Ambulance crews were first on the scene and rushed 66-year-old Ms Chan to Queen Mary Hospital, while police detained driver Mr Or.

Or passed a breath test and was arrested for dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm.

District councillor Cherry Wong Kin-ching says the location is a known blackspot. “I live nearby and I know many drivers drive fast around that corner, which is dangerous,” she says. “I have told Transport Department before that the junction is an accident blackspot but they have done nothing,” she says.

According to police figures, there were 284 people killed or seriously injured on Hong Kong’s roads in the first three months of 2020. A high proportion of casualties are pedestrians – over 60% of fatalities are people walking and struck by vehicles.

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