On the Roads


A street in Hong Kong with many obstacles and barriers to visibility

The man and his 85-year-old companion were crossing this street when a van hit them, killing the man and injuring his companion.

Police arrested a van driver after he knocked down two octogenarian pedestrians, one of whom later died in hospital.

At around lunchtime yesterday (2 May), 83-year-old Mr Wong was crossing Pau Chung Street with an 85-year-old woman when the van, driven by another Mr Wong, aged 52, struck them both, according to police.

The pair were rushed to Queen Elizabeth hospital, Wong sustaining serious head injuries and unconscious while his female companion was less critical and still conscious. Wong died at 5am this morning.

The van driver was arrested at the scene for dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm. Police say it is likely the charge will be upgraded to dangerous driving causing death, although they have not yet charged the driver with the new offence.

Elderly pedestrians are by far the biggest group of killed or seriously injured on Hong Kong’s roads. 636 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured in 2019, according to Transport Department figures, half of whom were over 60, with a median age of 59.5.





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