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45 supercars, including over 20 Lamborghinis, were pulled over by police on Sunday morning

A convoy of 45 supercars was pulled over by police in Wan Chai this morning on suspicion of illegal road racing. The convoy is a well-known Sunday morning wake-up call for residents of Wan Chai and mid-Levels, with supercar owners meeting weekly at Hong Kong Convention Centre at around 6am and heading to the south side of Hong Kong Island via the hair-pinned Magazine Gap Road.

A police statement says the bust was part of Operation Fossington, a long-term initiative to crack down on illegal racing. A source with the traffic police says police spotters were out around the suspected convoy route coordinating the interception, which happened outside the old Wan Chai Police Headquarters on Gloucester Road.

An illegal licence plate modification, which hides the licence plate from cameras, found during an earlier Operation Fossington bust

One car, a Nissan GTR, was found to have illegal modifications and towed away. Nine other drivers were ticketed for “defective vehicles”, an offence covering anything from dud brake lights to insufficient windscreen wash and requiring owners to bring their cars in line within a week.

Last November, Operation Fossington saw five people arrested and 107 sports cars impounded – police found several cars with illegal licence plate flippers, custom road racer technology used to hide licence plates from speed cameras.

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