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One food delivery worker was arrested as part of the operation – his bike was confiscated by police



A fresh operation against electric bicycles netted three riders yesterday, at least one of them a food delivery worker, as police continued their crackdown at “blackspots” around the city.

The three, aged between 29 and 30, were arrested around North Point for the four now-common e-bike offences – riding without vehicle registration, licence, insurance or helmet. Their bikes were also seized.

“One of the arrested men was suspected to be using an electric mobility device for express delivery services,” said a police statement, stating they had arrested “two non-Chinese men and one foreign man”.

The riders were released on bail and must report back to police in mid-November.

Police reminded citizens and delivery workers to “abide by relevant laws and regulations and not to take personal risks to harm themselves or others”.

Photos of the arrests show widespread illegal parking and illegal double parking in front of arresting officers.

A parent outside Man Sang Kindergarten on Java Road, where one of the men was apprehended, said they did not feel in any danger from the e-bike users. “The delivery guys do no harm and provide a useful service to the community,” he said.

Another e-bike taken off the roads by police, in an operation on Hong Kong Island yesterday


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  1. TD is very slow on these environmental friendly bike regulation… They performed the test run a year ago ! Thats why HK is always last… BTW, how much these poor guys will be penalized ?

  2. When police say “non-Chinese”, they mean from India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Nepal. They seem to use “foreign” for everyone else who is not Chinese. Why do they do this? (They barely distinguish between locally born/resident and genuine visitors, among those who are not of Chinese appearance.)

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