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The taxi murder in Western District has seen police on high alert hunting for a 30-35 year-old mixed-race suspect (inset)

Hong Kong has suffered a deadly day on the roads since Monday night with three separate road deaths and the murder of a taxi driver in less than 20 hours.

In Western District, a suspect is accused of killing taxi driver Mr Wai, 48, while a motorcyclist died in Shek O, another motorcyclist died in Sai Kung after hitting a dog and a truck driver died in Tin Shui Wai when his truck overturned on a bend.

Cops hunting frenzied taxi-driver murderer

According to police, a man launched a frenzied attack on taxi driver Wai in the early hours of yesterday morning. Witnesses described a bloody scene, with the victim’s aorta lacerated. He died an hour after the attack, in Queen Mary Hospital.

Police say the man they are hunting is between 30 and 35, 1.8 m tall with pale skin and dark hair. They say he is an extremely dangerous person with suspected violent tendencies.

Sources say the suspect is the same man tried, and acquitted, for knife crimes in 2019. The man in that knife case was caught with two knives engraved “My ELF weapon”, the same message engraved onto a tactical shotgun handle by a man who killed 12 in a US Navy Yard shooting in 2013. The Hong Kong knife suspect was acquitted when prosecutors could not prove the knives were to be used for illegal purposes.

The manhunt continues. Those with information are encouraged to call investigation team on 2860 7817 or 9709 1695.

Three road deaths

A truck overturned in Tin Shui Wai, throwing its driver from the cab and killing him

In Sai Kung late on Monday night a 25-year-old man died after colliding his motorcycle with a dog on Tai Mong Tsai Road. According to police, the rider lost control and hit another motorcyclist coming in the opposite direction. That rider was injured, not seriously, while the 25-year-old died in hospital just before midnight. Police did not know the condition of the dog.

In Shek O Tuesday evening, another motorcyclist, Mr Im, 31, died after reportedly losing control on Shek O Road southbound. Im hit a kerb and a lamppost and was rushed unconscious to Pamela Youde Nethersole Hospital. He died 90 minutes after the crash.

And yesterday afternoon in Tin Shui Wai, an articulated trailer-truck, described as a Medium Goods Vehicle by police, overturned, killing its driver Mr Chan, 57. That crash happened on Hung Tin Road.

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