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203 cyclists were busted as part of an ongoing police effort to crack down on cycling offences

New Territories police ticketed 203 cyclists in a two-day operation last week, targeting “cyclists without lights” and other offences such as failing to comply with traffic signs.

The campaign, which ran from 27-28 November, is part of the force’s ongoing Goldensun campaign which targets cyclists and, lately, e-mobility users.

According to a police statement, “Members of the public are not allowed to ride bicycles on the pavement, drive against the road or use mobile phones during cycling. Otherwise, they may violate Chapter 374 of the Road Traffic Ordinance and other related laws.”

In early 2020, the police-run Road Safety Council said it would prioritise cycling for police enforcement, based on statistics showing a rise in cycle crashes.

Based on bicycle offence figures from the first nine months of 2021, cyclists will see a 70% rise in prosecutions this year, or a 190% rise since 2019. Motorists, on the other hand, enjoyed a 10% reduction in careless driving prosecutions from 2019 to 2020.

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  1. In other news, after a number of high-speed crashes of cars into trees along Bride’s Pool Road, Police will launch a “tree safety campaign” in which trees will be reprimanded if they don’t conform to the picture of their species on Wikipedia.

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