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A 25-year-old man was killed when he lost control of his car ahead of a roundabout on Clear Water Bay Road in the early hours of this morning

A young driver was killed on Clear Water Bay Road in the early hours of this morning, just hours after a Clearwater Bay resident made a public plea for safety improvements on that very road.

Sai Kung-bound Mr Sing, 25, reportedly lost control of his car approaching the University Road roundabout at 4:`12am in a fatal crash which saw him trapped in the overturned wreckage. Sing died of serious head injuries in Tseung Kwan O Hospital shortly after the crash, having never regained consciousness.

Just hours earlier, local resident Stan Diers had told RTHK’s transport show Wham Bam Tram that he feared for his life when using Clear Water Bay Road, and claimed the police and local councillors had done nothing with his complaints of speeding and illegal street racing.

After a close-call with street racers which nearly cost him his life, Diers started a petition calling for clearer speed limits and speed enforcement on the road, gathering more than 400 signatures. “I sent it to the head of traffic police in Wan Chai, also to the local police station, and I got very little response, just a generic police response saying ‘we are looking into it’. A year later and we haven’t seen much change, we still have races going on, the police are busy on something else or not really caring,” he told the show, which broadcast last night.

Police say they have conducted more than 300 speed-trap operations on that road in the first 10 months of 2021 and have given 6,800 tickets during that period.

“On prevention perspective, Police have been conducting high profile patrol along Clear Water Bay Road during night time,” police said.

Dier’s interview with Wham Bam Tram reporter Amelia Vogelsang can be heard here at 3m15s into the show.

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