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Police summonsed 187 people over a weekend-long operation

Police have conducted a two-day “anti-cycling” operation in New Territories North, issuing 187 summonses for cycling offences.

Commuters and leisure riders alike found themselves summonsed to court for offences such as failing to dismount at “cyclists dismount” signs, or for cycling on the footpath or without lights.

After the weekend operation, covering 18-19 June and codenamed Goldensun, police said they “attach great importance to road safety and will continue to take relevant enforcement actions.”

2021 saw a huge spike in cycle prosecutions, with around 19 cyclists ticketed or summonsed per day, up 68% on 2020.

But police anti-cycling actions had been somewhat muted in the first quarter of 2022, with fewer publicised “Goldensun” operations and an average of 10 cyclists ticketed or summonsed per day.

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  1. It’s about time the police turned their attention to the irresponsible amongst the cycling community who appear to believe red lights and respecting pedestrian crossings don’t apply to them. Also the increasing numbers of e- bikes speeding on cycle tracks needs to be addressed, not least the section of cycle track north of Tai Wo, NT where e-cycles can be observed travelling at very high speeds. Indeed, the other day two e-cycles zoomed dangerously close to me (a pedestrian) travelling faster than cars on the adjacent highway !

    • Indeed, there are some very irresponsible e-bike riders. I’ve been “undertaken” on Nathan Road by quite a few going at huge speeds, barely paying any attention, not even pedalling, just thumb jammed on the throttle. Enforcement will be tricky, but they’re giving all cyclists and people who use bicycles a bad name and ultimately tougher rules will apply to all.

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