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Police have arrested a bus driver for dangerous driving after a crash which saw a truck driver killed ramming into a stationary truck and a bus on Highway 5 yesterday morning.

According to police, KMB bus driver Mr Tong, 52, stopped his double-decker bus in the centre lane of the Highway 5, around Lai King MTR station, “to cope with a passenger’s enquiry”.

The stopping of the bus caused a following truck, driven by 72-year-old Mr Mui, to pull up with inches to spare.

But some seconds later, another truck, driven by Mr Pang, 46, then drove into the back of the stopped truck at some speed.

Pang was trapped in the vehicle and rescued by firemen. Suffering serious leg injuries he was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital unconscious, but died 80 minutes after the crash.

The impact also forced Mui’s truck into the bus, injuring a 54-year-old male bus passenger.

Dashcam footage, if accurate, shows Pang’s speed at over 74 kph, the driver trying to veer away from the highway obstacle at only the last half second before impact.

“Police strongly condemn the irresponsible driving behaviour of the [bus] driver,” said a police statement. “It not only jeopardises the safety of other road users and threatens ones’ personal safety, but is also the actual cause of serious traffic accidents.”

The van, driven by Mr Pang, 46, tried to veer away at the last split second

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