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A 48-year-old man was pronounced dead on arrival at Prince of Wales hospital after a collision in Tate’s Cairn Tunnel this evening.

According to police, Mr Wong was driving his Honda through Tate’s Cairn Tunnel at 17:47 when he reportedly drove into the back of another car, a Tesla Y driven by Mr Wong, 28.

The Honda driver was found unconscious at the wheel and certified dead on arrival at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Some news reports said the deceased’s son, 8, was riding in the Honda as a passenger and had told sources at the scene that his father had passed out just before the crash. The lad was also injured, reports said, but only with minor injuries.

Police would not confirm the story or whether any 8-year-old was also injured in the crash.

“We are not sure whether [the victim] collapsed first, we are investigating,” said a police source.

Dashcam footage from the aftermath shows only light damage to both vehicles.

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