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Fire crews rushed to free the trapped 55-year-old motorbike rider: his 54-year-old female passenger had already suffered fatal head injuries

Police this morning arrested a truck driver for dangerous driving causing death and driving while disqualified after he rammed his truck into the back of a motorbike, crushing the bike into a van and killing the bike’s 54-year-old female passenger.

Mr Chan, 43, who had previously been disqualified from driving and was driving an old truck without any insurance, was travelling along Kwun Tong Road eastbound, near Ting Fu Street, at 11:18am when he reportedly careened into a motorcycle ridden by 55-year-old Mr Lee.

According to police, Lee had braked the motorcycle due to a van cutting into his lane. The truck driver behind, Chan, then failed to stop the truck in time and rammed the motorcycle.

Lee’s bike passenger, Ms Ho, was flung from the bike and suffered fatal head injuries. Lee himself was trapped in the narrow gap left between the truck and the van – he was rescued by fire crews and sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital still conscious.

But passenger Ho was declared dead at Queen Elizabeth Hospital just 34 minutes after the crash.

Truck driver Chan remains in custody, police say, and will also be charged with using a vehicle without insurance.

Inattentive driving was the major cause of road crashes in 2021, police say: figures show crashes caused by “driving inattentively” rose 25% to 4,111 in 2021 while those caused by “driving too close to vehicle in front” rose 19%.

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