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A 7-year-old girl was trapped under a school bus after being run over yesterday morning

Police say there will be no arrests after a 7-year-old schoolgirl was run over by a school bus in Wong Tai Sin yesterday morning.

Driver Mr Ho, 62, had just dropped off the victim, in a restricted zone, and started driving off when he hit the girl, running over her and trapping her underneath the vehicle.

Videos circulating online show passersby trying to free the girl, who was screaming in pain. Two men eventually freed her, and she was taken to Queen Elizabeth hospital conscious with forehead and leg injuries.

The police information unit was unsure on the exact location of the incident, giving two different locations “2 Wan Wah St” and “outside Ching Tak House”, neither of which tally with the videos seen online. The attending officers did not collect any more precise location information, such as a lamppost number, police say.

The investigation is now over, while officers would not comment on the disembarking location chosen by the school bus driver.

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