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A guard lies bleeding on the pavement after a car smashed into her security booth at Un Chau Estate, Cheung Sha Wan

A bystander and two security guards were seriously injured yesterday when a 7-seater driver careered out of control down a busy Cheung Sha Wan street and rammed into a public housing estate security booth.

The incident happened at around 9:30 yesterday morning, with 76-year-old Mr Feng driving southwest down Cheung Fat Street. Dashcam footage from an illegally parked car shows Feng driving at high speed across the junction with Un Chai Street, narrowly missing several pedestrians, before plunging into the booth guarding the Un Chau Estate at the end of the road.

A guard, Ms Lin, 56, inside the booth, suffered hand and foot injuries while another guard, Ms Cai, 60, suffered a broken pelvis. Pedestrian Mr Wu, 71, suffered a broken foot.

Driver Feng complained of chest pains after the crash. All four involved in the incident were sent to Caritas Hospital for treatment, with guard Cai semi-conscious.

Police say they are investigating.

Separately, police in New Territories North launched a campaign against “illegal pedestrian road crossing” on Tuesday and Wednesday, ticketing 167 pedestrians for not obeying traffic lights or and crossing the road within 15 metres of pedestrian crossing facilities.

“The New Territories North Region has carried out an operation codenamed ‘AUTOBINDER’ […] to combat pedestrian illegal crossings in order to enhance pedestrians’ road safety awareness and ensure pedestrian safety,” said a police statement, using the police’s standing code name for such campaigns.

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