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The scene following the fatal crash this morning: the force of the impact stripped the bicycle of both wheels and killed its rider

A 71-year-old man riding a bicycle died after being knocked down by a van driver in Tuen Mun early this morning.

Police do not yet have full details of the tragedy – they say the fatal crash happened at 5:42am on Tsing Wun Road southbound just after the junction with Pui To Road.

The victim, who police have not yet named, was rushed to Tuen Mun Hospital unconscious but died at 7:05am.

The force of the collision wrenched both wheels from the bicycle – the rear wheel was trapped under the van while the front was seen around four metres behind the wreckage. The front of the Toyota Hiace van was stoved in by the collision and the windscreen was smashed.

Police say the case is still under investigation and won’t yet reveal the name of the driver, but police sources say the driver was arrested at the scene for dangerous driving.

Eight people lost their lives riding bicycles in 2021. All victims were male, aged from 55 to 79 and with an average age of 64. Three were hit by buses (one minibus, one school bus, one staff coach); one was crushed by a cement truck. Two were killed in collisions with other cyclists, and in two cases there is insufficient public information to determine the cause.

The rear wheel of the man’s bicycle was crushed under the van

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