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Although the rider’s bag was empty, he was still covered by a new Food Panda insurance policy that includes riders for an hour before and after their shift

The family of a Food Panda courier who was killed on the way to work this morning will receive an insurance payout of up to $500,000 under new corporate rules that kicked in just two weeks ago, according to the company.

The 42-year-old male rider, who has not been named by police, was killed when a 66-year-old taxi driver cut across his path on Wo Yi Hop Street at 6:51am this morning. He was due to start a shift within the hour but had not begun taking orders, which under Food Panda’s previous insurance policies would have meant he was not covered.

A spokeswoman for foodpanda Hong Kong says the company “upgraded” its insurance policy on 1 February to now include couriers riding for the hour before and after their shift.

The spokeswoman says the company “regularly reviews” its policies, and has also increased the maximum compensation amount for “Accidental Death & Permanent Total/ Partial Disablement” from $360,000 to $500,000.

The maximum payout is equivalent to about two years earnings for a rider working 40 hours a week.

Food Panda was heavily criticised last year after another rider was killed on the way to work and was not protected by the company’s insurance policy.

But the company’s support to the killed rider’s family today reveals a more caring approach to off-duty riders.

“We got in touch with the emergency contact of the courier and visited the hospital to offer immediate support and financial assistance to the family of the deceased,” says the spokeswoman, who also says the company is providing some additional cash on top of the insurance payout.

“While we understand that no financial support will help ease the pain of the courier’s loved ones, we still hope to offer any help where we can,” she says.

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