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This Lamborghini Huracan, driven by Mr Fung, 41, was smashed beyond recognition in a head-on collision which killed two drivers and injured five

A deadly Lamborghini crash on the infamous Bride’s Pool Road last night took Hong Kong’s road death toll for the day to five, with two men, aged 20 and 41, killed in that road crash and two of five injured still in serious or critical condition.

Police say two cars and a motorcycle were driving in line along the road towards Luk Keng when the first car, driven by 20-year-old Mr Fung, collided with another private car, a Lamborghini Huracan, being driven by Mr Lui, 41.

Lui was killed almost instantly, while the 20-year old died an hour later in hospital. The 24-year-old female passenger of the 20-year-old’s car was pulled alive from the carnage and sent to hospital, unconscious. She remains in critical condition.

A car driven by a 23-year old, following Fung, failed to stop in time and rammed into the wreckage, while a motorcycle ridden by a 25-year old man lost control trying to avoid the crash, flipping over.

The motorcycle rider, the 23-year-old car driver and his two passengers – one female, 24, and one male, 25 – were also sent to hospital conscious. The 24-year old female passenger remains in serious condition.

Police arrested the 23-year old car driver, Mr Ho for dangerous driving and are detaining him for further enquiries.

Bride’s Pool Road is notorious for death and road carnage, with racing clubs meeting up almost every weekend to pit their skills against the winding road. Video shared online just hours before the deadly crash shows a car pursuing a Porsche at speeds averaging 135 kph. The speed limit on the road is 50 kph.

Last December, a racing car club member told Transit Jam the venue was one of the few places drivers could test their skills. She said the road was “a good place to test the car, because it’s quiet and generally not many people there.”

“Is it better we race on Tolo Highway?” she said. “No. Ultimately Hong Kong needs a race track.”

A cyclist died after a coach driver “bumped” him on this North Lantau road

Overall, Halloween was a bloody day on Hong Kong’s roads, with a death toll of five: a cyclist was killed when a coach driver overtook on a Lantau road; a hiker was killed on Shek O Road crossing from the Hong Kong Trail Section 7 to Section 8, a cyclist lost control in Tai Po and died of head injuries; and an 18-year-old is in critical condition after falling off his bike in Tai Mei Tuk.

There were 100 road traffic incidents on the day, 33 of them involving injuries or deaths. Police have not responded to questions about the carnage or whether its “Zero Accidents on Hong Kong’s Roads” vision remains apprioriate given the amount of carnage on one single day.

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  1. Somewhere on that road there’s a sign warning cyclists that reckless cycling will lead to prosecution or something similar. Not sure I sure the traffic department’s sense of humour.

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