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The Maserati driver refused a breath test and was arrested

A 54-year-old man attempting to retrieve his 7-seater from a Salisbury Road layby died after being struck by a high-powered Maserati sports car in the early hours of this morning.

According to police, the victim, Mr Sung, had slipped while crossing the highway to the layby at 2:12am and had been lying in the road when he was struck by a “non-ethnic Chinese” driver, aged 42. The driver, seen in local news video wearing sunglasses, refused a breath test.

Local news reports from the scene say victim Sung had been partying in Tsim Sha Tsui East and, drunk, had attempted to cross Salisbury Road to retrieve his 7-seater Volkswagen, parked in a layby adjacent to Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Park.

But the inebriated victim slipped on the flower-bed cobbles as he attempted to cross the highway. He fell into the road and was then struck by the sports car driver and, with massive head wounds, was certified dead at the scene.

Police suspected the Maserati driver also to be drunk and arrested him for refusing to provide a breath specimen and for dangerous driving causing death.

Salisbury Road is an eight-lane highway separating the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront from Tsim Sha Tsui tourist district.

Many Tsim Sha Tsui revelers drive to the district and park illegally in the bus stops on the other side of the highway, with scant enforcement by Yau Tsim Mong police and high public parking prices from triad-owned public parking meters or car jockey operations in the rest of the district.

But crossing to the harbourfront is a trial. Apart from at-grade crossings opposite the Peninsula Hotel, crossing the road on foot is illegal. A maze of subways connect K11 MUSEA and the Cultural Centre with Tsim Sha Tsui yet entrances are frequently closed, especially at night, and directions are poor.

Pedestrian bridges are spaced every few hundred metres and are usually only accessibly by steps up and down, with lifts closed for frequent maintenance. The crash happened almost exactly halfway between two pedestrian bridges.

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